Two Blind Cats

coal kitty and spiffy

I have two blind cats

Two blind cats

See how they don’t run

Spiffy the first blind cat resembles a ferret

She is not fluffy

She does not purr

She is not happy when I come home

Every day I attempt to leave the house she runs and hides under my bed

I then come home to cat turds in the exact middle of my bed

I really hate this cat

Coal Kitty the second blind cat (daughter of Spiffy) is scrawny

She likes me, but as soon as I pet her she drops drool from all areas of her feline mouthblog 2 gif

She’s more scroungy than fluffy

She is five. Her once black coat is now silver tipped

Two blind cats

Coal Kitty once caught a bird

I told my friends

None believed me

Spiffy once caught a mouse

but it was on a trap

so I don’t think this really counts