Why My Life is Harder Than Yours

Wet Sock Spiral of Doom

The only thing I really like about winter is Christmas, and snow. In my opinion, Christmas comes way too early in winter- leaving much of the horrid coldness with little to look forward to. Snow is the only positive. Snow makes my world stand still. It’s so quiet, and wraps everything in a brilliant blanket […]

When All That Glitters Turns to Dirty Fingernails

On very rare occasions I go to the mall. I hate the mall. This morning I was there with specific business, but somehow got lured to a makeup kiosk.   It went something like this:   Sales Lady: Here you go, hun (hands me some flyer, which is still in my purse, which I still […]

Ginger Problems

Ginger Problems

I just like to be creative and draw. I wish I could do that for a living. Maybe live on a beach. Walk my dog in the pleasant salty waters every morning. Then, set up my little hut and sell seashells to tourists. I think I’d give them funny faces and hot glue little googly […]