Ginger Problems

I just like to be creative and draw. I wish I could do that for a living. Maybe live on a beach.

Walk my dog in the pleasant salty waters every morning. Then, set up my little hut and sell seashells to tourists. I think I’d give them funny faces and hot glue little googly eyes to them. Maybe some sparkles, everything can use some bedazzling. Then, I could draw charactertures of people for five dollars a drawing. I’d be sure to accentuate their most prominent feature, which if they are like me- it’s probably one of the least favorite features they have. Maybe go to lunch and eat some fresh seafood.

I guess, if this were my life, I’d have to have copious amounts of sunscreen. Being a ginger really is tough. South Park episodes about me, misconceptions of not having a soul, and the worst absolute worst – having to dip myself in a vat of sunscreen every time I even think of going outside. Oh, and the envy I have when I see sun-kissed, golden tanned skin that seems to glisten even in the dark.



I suppose there are perks to being a ginger

1.)  Freckles instantly make you 12. Forever. You will be carded forever.

2.)  You get to hear people say creepy things like, “I love your skin” as they pet your arm slowly with a look saying- I don’t love your skin, I WANT your skin.

wants my skinThis was particularly creepy because A- it was dark, and B- I had just met this girl.

3.)  You get a really great tan, for maybe a day. Then somehow this tan all moves to one spot, creating a glorious new freckle.

4.) Little kids compare your skin to a giraffe.

Like a Giraffe? 1

giraffe - blog one giffI figure a giraffe tongue is always a good closing.